Product Description

POLYCRETE A is a water-reducing admixture based on selected lignosulphonate materials.
It disperses its particles in the concrete mix to enable the water content to perform efficiently. The delay of the setting time does not affect the strength of the concrete.


• Significantly improves the compressive strength and enhances durability.
• Improves workability without increased water content.
• Maintains place ability and reduces the risk of pump blockage.
• Chloride-free, does not attack reinforcement.
• Increases setting times at elevated temperatures.
• Extends the working life and stiffening time for ease of construction.
• Reduces concrete shrinkage and creep.
• Improves cohesion and surface finish.
• Reduces segregation and bleeding.
• Compatible with other Plastmix & Admix admixtures.


POLYCRETE A is ideal to:

• Maintain the workability of concrete in hot weather.
• Extend working time of concrete.
• Be used in mixes with low cohesion.

Standards & Specifications

POLYCRETE A complies with ASTM C-494 Type A BS 5075 Part 1.

Specific gravity 1.18 Kg/liter at 20 5C
Base modified lignosulphonate
Chloride content Nil 
Appearance Brown liquid
Air entrainment less than 2% 
Compatibility Compatible with all types of 
Portland cements and cement 
replacement materials and all
other Plastmix & Admix

Package & Dosage

POLYCRETE A is supplied in 20 & 210 liter drums.
The dosage of POLYCRETE A is in the range of (0.3 - 1.0) Litre/100 Kg of Portland cement.
It is recommended to carry out actual trial mixes at site to establish the exact dosage rate required.
POLYCRETE A should be added during the mixing cycle at the same time with water prior to its addition to dry mix.
An overdose may cause retardation increase. Provided that adequate curing is maintained, the ultimate strength of the concrete will not be impaired by increased retardation. The effects of overdosing will be further increased if
sulphate resisting cement or cement replacement materials are used.

Storage & shelf life

POLYCRETE A has a shelf life of 12 months if stored in normal temperature and closed shedder dry area in undamaged original packing.

Technical support

For any technical support, please consult POLYCOO office or representatives

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