• Increases water tightness.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Chloride-free, safe for use with reinforced and prestressed concrete.
  • Improves workability and plasticity.
  • Water reduction enables higher compressive strength.
  • Reduction of water increases density.
  • Reduction of permeability improves durability and reduces porosity.
  • Compatible with sulphate resistant cement or marine aggregates.



POLYCRETE WP is ideal to:

  • Waterproof concrete and cement / sand mixes.
  • Concrete structures near seaside.
  • Ideal for swimming pools, tunnels, basements, tanks, etc...
  • Reduce permeability and surface absorption.

Standards & Specifications

Specific gravity     1.115 Kg/liter at 20 5C
Base                 selected inorganic plasticisers
Chloride content     Nil
Appearance          Brown liquid
Air entrainment     acts as a mild detrained



Compatible with all types of Portland cements and cement replacement materials and all other Plastmix & admixtures
Package & Dosage

Is supplied in 20 & 210 liter drums.
The normal dosage of POLYCRETE WP is 0.35 liter/100 Kg of Portland cement and can be up to 0.8 liter/100 Kg of cement to improve workability.

It is recommended to carry out actual trial mixes at site to establish the exact dosage rate required.
Care must be taken to ensure good grading of the aggregates, and a minimum cement content of 300 Kg/m3 is recommended.

POLYCRETE WP should be added directly to the mixer preferably at the same time as the mixing water.

An overdose may cause retardation increase. Provided that adequate curing is maintained, the ultimate strength of the concrete will not be impaired by increased retardation. The effects of overdosing will be further increased if sulphate resisting cement or cement replacement materials are used.

Storage & shelf life

POLYCRETE WP has a shelf life of 12 months if stored in normal temperature and closed shaded dry area in undamaged original packing.

Technical support

For any technical support, please consult polecoo office or representatives.

Health & safety

See separate safety data sheet or contact polycoo for more details.


Guarantee / Warrant

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Technical Services

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Quick Overview:

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    Product Description POLYCRETE WP is a high performance-waterproofing admixture based on selected inorganic plasticisers. It enables the water content to perform more efficiently by causing the cement particles to disperse and expose a larger surface area.

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