POLYFORM is suitable for application to timber, plywood, steel, plastic formwork and moulds before casting concrete, to ensure high quality stain free concrete surface.

Product Features

  • Very economic coverage rates can be obtained without difficulty.
  • Ready to use; quickly & easily applied with brush, roller, spray or cloth.
  • Protects steel forms from rusting.
  • Reduces the incidence of blowholes, surface blemishes and staining.
  • Provides quick positive release of formwork, reducing lab our costs for cleaning & damage of formwork.
  • Suitable for use on all types of formwork.
  • Forms are easily & smoothly released from cured concrete.



 Clear amber liquid.
Specific Gravity
 0.83 At 20°C.
Chloride Content 
Flash Point 
Above 60° C.

Guide For Application

Surface Preparation 
All forms must be cleaned from any adherent

Material, concrete, cements latency or previous oil deposits.
Apply a thin coat of POLYFORM uniformly by spray, roller or brush.
Over coating may lead to surface dusting and is uneconomical.


Spillage of POLYFORM can be removed with soap and water.


POLYFORM is supplied in 210 lit. drums.


Depends on porosity of mould or formwork surface; a coverage of 20 - 40 m2 per lit. for wooden formworks and 60 m2 per lit. for steel moulds.


POLYFORM should be stored in shaded areas.

Shelf Live

One year when stored as recommended.

Health and safety

  • Any splashes on skin should be washed with soap and water.
  • Seek medical assistance in case of contact with eyes, after washing it with running water.


Guarantee / Warranty

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Technical Services

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    Product Description POLYFORM is a blend of chemical release agent & mineral oils specially formulated to give an easy release of formwork and high quality surface finish to concrete. Typical Application

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