This will lead to proper hydration, eliminating the reasons of shrinkage and providing very good mechanical & physical properties of the concrete. 

It is supplied in four grades:
Polycure-WB Clear which will provide clear dry film after application.
Polycure-WB white which will provide a white dry film after application. It contains white providing light reflectance and hence minimizing the temperature absorbed by the concrete. It is suitable for concreting in hot weather. 
Polycure-WB with green fugitive dye which will provide a clear dry film after application. It contains a fugitive dye indicating the coverage. 
Polycure-WB Aluminized, which will provide a silver dry film after application where light reflectance and high efficiency are required to minimize the temperature, absorbed by the concrete.
Product Features
Easy to use and Economical. 
Ensures achievement of target strengths. 
Reduces incidence of plastic cracking. 
Reduces shrinkage and cracking of concrete surface.
Reduces dusting providing hard – wearing surfaces. 
Formulated to be suitable for the Middle East climates.
Polycure-WB complies with the requirements of the following standards: 
ASTMC - 309 Type 1, Class B for the clear & green grades. 
ASTM C-309 Type 2 for the white grade. 
AASHTO M-148 Type 1, class B for the clear & green grades. 
AASHTO M – 148 Type 2 for the white grade
Typical Application
Polycure-WB is sprayed onto the newly laid concrete surfaces to form a tough S.B.R. film barrier against premature water loss. 
Without any disturbance to the normal setting behavior, the concrete is then allowed to cure properly and achieve maximum properties.
Polycure-WB is useful in large areas of concrete construction such as: 
Motorways, airways, ice rinks, bridge supporting structures, retaining walls, channels priestess’s girders, concrete slabs, etc.
Clear , green , white or silver liquid depending on the grade
Specific Gravity
Clear: 0.990, white: 0.990. 
Appearance of dry film clear or white 
Flash point
Guide For Application
Polycure-WB is applied onto the newly laid concrete once the surface water has evaporated (between 0.5 – 2.0 hrs depending upon the ambient temperature and the climate conditions).
The surface of the fresh concrete is sprayed using hand operated or motorized spraying equipment.
If large areas have to be sprayed, it is recommended to use a spray gun or automatic spraying equipment.
Polycure-WB is supplied in 20 lit and in 210 lit steel drums.
Store under cover away from direct sunlight and protect from extreme temperatures.
Shelf Live
Up to 12 months if stored properly per recommendations above.
Clean the tools and equipment after use immediately with solvent.
Health and safety
As with all construction chemical products, caution should always be exercised. Always use protective clothing such as gloves and goggles, and treat any splashes to the skin or eyes with fresh running water immediately. Should any of the products be accidentally swallowed, do not induce vomiting, but call for medical assistance immediately.

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    Product Description Polycure-WB is a Water base curing compound for freshly laid concrete. It will form a tough S.B.R. film on the surface of freshly laid concrete preventing the evaporation of the premature water.

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