For general purpose grouting over a wide range of applications including heavy duty support beneath machine base plates, crane rails and stanchion bases. Also performs as an excellent anchoring grout for masts, anchor bolts, etc.




  • Fiber reinforced cementations grout, with none staining.

·         Durability - high ultimate strength and low permeability

·         High early strength- facilitates rapid installation and early operation of plant.

·         Ensure long term performance in service.

·         Chloride-free - composition allows high early strength development without the use of chlorides.

·         Shrinkage compensation- gaseous expansion system compensates for shrinkage and settlement in the plastic state.

·         Reliability - site batching variations eliminated by the use of factory controlled pre-packed material.

·         Iron-free- no metallic iron content to corrode and cause

·         Staining or deterioration due to rust expansion.

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    General purpose non-shrink Fiber – Reinforcement, cementations grout

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