Grouting beneath new and old machinery plates.

·    Grouting in all types of anchors fixing bolts.
·    High load crane rail grouting.
·    Repair of damaged concrete in area subject to chemical attack
·    Bedding for industrial equipments subject to mobile and dynamic forces.
·    Grouting under chemical processing equipment.
Product Features
·   Excellent bond to concrete and steel.
·    High early strength for minima! shutdown time.
·    High chemical resistant.
·    High compressive. tensile and flexural strength.
·    Resistant to demonic loads.
·    Flow able consistency for easy placement.
Compressive strength:
Tested in accordance with
AS TM C 109  at 30 0C
I  day      25 N/mm2
3 days    66 N/mm2
7 days    80 N/mm2
Tensile Strength
Tested in accordance with
ASTM C 307
7 days    18 N/mm2
Flexural Strength
Tested in accordance with ASTM C 348
7 days    35 N/mm2
Pot Life
60 minutes at 200C
Approximately  2000 kg/ m3
Chemical Resistance
POLYGROUT EP is resistant to mild acids and alkalis, grease, oil, fats, and salt water. Please consult POLYCOO technical department where contact with specific chemicals is anticipated
Application temperature should be between 50C. - 450C.
Store grout at room temperature 24 hours before use.
Guide for Application
All surfaces must be structurally sound in order we obtain a good bond .Any unsound material must be removed by chip or scarifying. Contaminated surface that may interfere with bond should be removed by appropriate means, which may include sand blasting & acid etching. After acid etching thoroughly wash with water and remove any dust and loose particles. Surface should be allowed to dry before grouting.
Form Work  Prep Aeration
Form work must be liquid tight to prevent leakage and strongly braced. To facilitate stripping, the forms should be coated or wrapped with polyethylene sheets.
Anchor Bolt Holes
Holes should be cleaned of all dust, dirt, debris and allowed to dry.
If the sides are smooth, roughing the hole with a stiff wire brush or with a rotary brush hammer if space permits is recommended.
Mix POLYGROUT EP hardener with base till reaching a homo -genous consistency, then 
add the POLYGROUT EP filler. Mix for 2 to 
3 minutes until the filler aggregate is wetted 
out. Make sure that all base & hardener are used 
It is recommended to use a slow speed paddle mixing drill.
Pour mix into anchor hole or form work through a funnel or directly, if space permits. When grouting plates, pour grout into the head box and allow to flow under the plate from one side only to assure complete filling of space. A rod or chain may be used if necessary, to assist in vibrating, always keep the head box filled to provide a constant head of grout and to assure a continuous flow.
POLYGROUT EP requires no special curing procedures.
If a smooth finish is desired the surface of the grout may be toweled, with a light application of solvent on the trowel.
POLYGROUT EP should be stored in cool dry shaded areas.
Shelf Life
One year when stored as recommended.
Case of contact with eyes after washing with running water.
Guarantee / Warranty
We warrant our products to be of good quality and manufactured to rigid standards. This warranty is in lieu of any and all other warranties expressed or implied. 
This data sheet is published for information only. It is believed to be correct but no liability is accepted for it or the suitability of the product for any particular purpose. 
POLYCOO services are free and the company dose not accepts liability for any loss arising from it.

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    Product Description POLYGROUT EP is a two component epoxy base product, formulated from exceptionally high tensile and compressive strength epoxy resins, selected aggregates and other special components. This product is a 100% Solids System, which is characterized by zero shrinkage and excellent adhesion to different substrates. It has been formulated with precise setting times and curing rates in order to minimize down time of grouting equipments . its resilience enables POLYGROUT EP to with

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