Product  Descreiption 

POLYGROUT-MC is ready to use cement based compound, which requires only addition of water to produce high performance free flowing, non-shrink micro-concrete.


Typical Application


POLYGROUT-MC is formulated from applications where micro concrete is needed to be pumped or poured into restricted spaces. Typical applications include grouting, bedding for the following:

  • Structural elements such as recast walls,

                beams & columns.

  • Milling equipment.
  • Gas & steam turbines.
  • Crane rails.
  • Filling voids around doorframes, recast

                walls & panels.

·         Narrow or confined areas in concrete


·         Reinstatement of damaged, affected concrete

                by partial or total replacement.

·         Anchor bolts.

·         It is recommended to be used for

sections       exceeding 60mm.


Product Features


  • Fiber reinforced cementations grout, with none staining.
  • Easy to use, just requires the on-site addition 

                of water.

  • Excellent flow ability, which facilitates   

                complete filling of narrow voids.

  • Shrinkage compensated system.
  • Contains special graded hard inert aggregates

                which enhance pump ability reduces


  • High bond strength to steel as well as

                concrete .

  • Durable concrete with low permeability.
  • Carbonation & chloride ingress resistant.   
  • Excellent thermal compatibility with the

               concrete substrate .

·         Provides early strength development. 

·         Formulated to be suitable for the Middle 

                east conditions.




POLYGROUT MC complies with

The requirements of ASTM C 1107, CRD C621





Grey powder free from lumps


Fresh wet Specific Gravity

2,20+- 0,05 @ 20oC


Chloride Content


Setting Time

Initial: 3 hours.

Final: 5 hours.


Linear coefficient of Thermal



11x10 –6 / 0 C


Expansion Behavior


The expansion will occur during plastic state between 20-120min at @ 20 C, this duration will be decreased in higher temperatures.

POLYGROUT MC is recommended to be used within this period.


Volume Change (Unrestrained)


Tested according to ASTM C –827

1-2 % by volume




 (ASTM C- 827)

+ 0, 02% AFTER 28 DAYS


Bond Strength,


- To concrete

6,8 N/mmafter 28 days ( by the load applied to cause     

depending of the contact surface.                                 

- To steel

    21N/mmafter 28 days (pull –out test)


Compressive Strength


(ASTM C –942)

After 24 hours:

45 N/mm(Plastic Consistency)

30 N/mm(Flow able Consistency)


After 3 days:

60 N/mm(Plastic Consistency)

43 N/mm(Flow able Consistency)


After 7 days:

70 N/mm(Plastic Consistency)




51 N/mm(Flow able Consistency)


After 28 days

83 N/mm(Plastic Consistency)

70 N/mm(Flow able Consistency)


Flexural Strength

(ASTM C-78)

After 7davs:

7.1   N/mm2


After 28 days:

8.7   N/mm2


Resistance to temperatures


High Temperatures

It can withstand to high tempe­ratures, up to 4050C for long period without deterioration.


Low Temperatures

It passes 310 freeze/thaw cycles


Guide for Applications


Surface Preparation


The surfaces should be clean, sound, free from oil & grease and contaminants.




The exact amount of water added to the pre-mixed powder in a quantity sufficient to achieve the required consistency.


Plastic Mix Consistency


3.5    lit. /25 kg bag


Foldable Mix Consistency


4.75        Lit. /25  kg bag.

Use clean, potable water for mixing. Place carefully the measured water into the mixing container, and then add

Powder gradually. Use a mechanical mixer of low speed drill, mix for approximately 5 minutes until a smooth even consistency is achieved.

It is not recommended to mix more than what can be placed in 60 mm. and no remembering (Adding water) to restore workability.




Flow able grout should be placed continuously from one side, avoiding the entrapment of air pockets.




Provide vent holes for large base plates. Voids should be removed rodding, strapping or vibrating, (avoid excess vibration).




12.7-13  liters/25 kg (bag) depending upon consistency achieved.

78 bags after mixing with water will yield one cubic meter.




After placement, keep exposed surface damp. Cure grout at least three days by applying a membrane curing compound such as POLYCURE WBI (See separate data sheet).

Protect the placed micro concrete from extreme heat or cold &drying for at least 3 days.




Clean all the tools and the equipments immediately after use with clean water.




POLYGROUT-MC is supplied in 25 kg well sealed bag.


Shelf Life

12 months when stored as recommended.




It should be kept in dry warehouse away from any source of moisture.


Guarantee / Warranty


We warrant our products to be of good quality and manufactured to rigid standards. This warranty is in lieu of any and all other warranties expressed or implied.

This data sheet is published for information only. It is believed to be correct but no liability is accepted for it or the suitability of the product for any particular purpose.

POLYCOO services are free and the company dose not accepts liability for any loss arising from it.


Technical Services


For any further technical advice and recommendation for the use of all POLYCOO products, please consult the nearestPOLYCOO technical office.

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    Product Description POLYGROUT-MC is ready to use cement based compound, which requires only addition of water to produce high performance free flowing, non-shrink micro-concrete

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