Ready to use, simply add water.
Low permeability protects steel from chloride attack.
Non-shrink due to polymers and fibers.
Excellent adhesion to concrete.
Rust-inhibitor, no extra protection needed.
Reduces labor cost.
Allows high build repairs.
POLYPAIR FC is ideal for the following:
Used to reinstate all types of concrete.
Enhances initial bond, flexural and tensile properties.
Used to affect large repairs.
General repair and restoration work on concrete.
Standards & Specifications
Tests carried with a water powder ratio of 0.11 at 20 0C
Compressive strength (according to BS 6319 - 1970)
Age Compo Strength (Kg/cm2)
1 230
3 450
7 500
28 550
Flexural strength at 28 days 90 - 100 Kg/cm2 
Adhesion 210 Kg/cm2
(According to BS 6319 after 28 days)
Wet density 2300 Kg /m3
Coefficient of thermal expansion 9 x 10-6
Setting time (according to BS 4550 - 1978) depending on temperature and water content 
Initial 4 hours
Final 5 hours
Chemical resistance
Low permeability slows chemical attack in aggressive environments.
Package & Yield
POLYPAIR FC is supplied in 25-Kg Plastic bags.
One bag yields approx. 12 liters of mortar depending on water addition.
Range of water is (2.5 - 3.0) liters. This will cover 1.2 m2 at 1 O-mm thickness.
Application Instructions
All substrates must be free of laitance, oil, dust, grease, paint, corrosion and any other deleterious substances.
Smooth surfaces should be mechanically roughened by scrabbling gun to form a good mechanical key.
Edges of the repair area must be saw cut to 5 mm to avoid feather edging.
The complete area should be blown clean with oil free compressed air.
All surfaces must be primed prior to repair, reinforcing steel must be primed with Corrosion. Concrete surfaces should be thoroughly soaked with water prior to priming.
POLYPAIR FC should be applied while primer is still wet or tacky.
Build up may be reduced due to spillage in vertical situations.
It is essential that quantity of one bag or more be mixed in a forced pan mixer or with a slow speed drill 500 rpm.
Always add powder to water and mix until homogeneous. The water must be cleaning, uncontaminated, and should not exceed 3.0 liters per bag.
POLYPAIR FC should be applied with a wood float to ensure positive contact with the primed surface.
Depending on the nature and position of the repair it may be necessary to build up POLYPAIR FC in many layers. The minimum layer thickness is 5 mm and can be built up to 25 mm in vertical surfaces by using" wet on wet" technique.
POLYPAIR FC is finished by wood float, steel trowel or sponge.
POLYPAIR FC must be cured immediately after finishing with standard procedures or using Tec bond ACR.
Storage & shelf life
POLYPAIR FC has a shelf life of 12 months if stored in normal temperature and closed shaded dry area in undamaged original packing.
Technical support
For any technical support, please consult POLYCOO office or representatives.
Health & safety
See separate data sheet or contact POLYCOO for more details.

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    Polymer and fiber modified cementitious repair mortar Description POLYPAIR FC is a high strength mortar containing blended, non-shrink cements, graded sands, fibers and chemical additives.

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