Rapid setting - stops leaks quickly to prevent costly water loss in concrete tanks or further damage to property in basements.
Easy to use – needs only water to be added.
Durable – low porosity of the patch ensure permanence of the repair.
Chloride free – No risk to steel reinforcement.
Stable – similar thermal capability as parent concrete.
Polyplug is ideal for the following
Rapid plugging of concrete segments.
Below ground access chambers, pipes, foundations and mines.
Color       : Grey
Standards: complies with BS1881 part 4, 1970
Initial set : 30 Secs at 20*C
Surface Preparation
Areas to be patched should be cut back to a depth of 15 mm and given a good mechanical 
Key. Do not feather edge. 
Surfaces should be brushed clean to remove loose material, dust and laitence. Grease, slime 
or mould should be removed by steam cleaning or high pressure water jetting. To seal leaks, crack opening must be chased out to approximately 20 mm square.
Always undercut the chase and avoid leaving 
A V section. Remove all loosee material and  
Debris. All surfaces must be damped down with clean water just prior to application of  
the Polyplug.
Polyplug should be added to water in the proportions:
1 part water to 3 parts Polyplug by volume.
Mix quantity to a stiff consistency in a plastic 
Bucket, using a gloved hand or trowel. Due to the rapid set, only use the quantity which can be 
placed within the prescribed set time.
Trowel or hand knead the mixed mortar in place,
ensuring maximum contact before the material sets. If  being used to plug a running water leak, the mixed Polyplug should be held in place 
until it reaches initial set.   
Two kg of Polyplug will yield approximately One lit.
 Polyplug is supplied in 25 kg double-layered bags.
 Store under cover away from direct sunlight and protect from extreme temperatures.
Up to 12 months if stored properly per recommendations above.
Polycure R.B. is recommend for use for all types of repairs immediately after initial set.
Any remains or spillage can be removed with water.
As with all construction chemical products, caution should always be exercised. Always use protective clothing such as gloves and goggles, and treat any splashes to the skin or eyes with fresh running water immediately. Should any of the products be accidentally swallowed, do not induce vomiting, but call for medical assistance immediately.

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    DESCRIPTION Polyplug is a blend of special cements, graded fillers and chemical additives, which minmises the risk of thermal cracking. It provides a consistent, easy to apply, rapid setting mortar just by adding water.

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