POLYFIBER M is a Polypropylene fiber designed specifically to provide concrete with protection against early age crack formation.

When added to concrete during mixing, the fibers disperse uniformly and produce a three dimensional network of micro reinforcement.

Every fiber helps to prevent the tiny fissures that can occur when concrete's tensile strength is weak. By reducing early age crack formation, the number of weakened planes and the potential for future crack formation will also be reduced.

POLYFIBER M should be used in any application where decreased cracking and increased durability is desired. Such application include should not be limited to industrial a commercial floors, pavements overlays elevated slabs, residential concrete, precast concrete, barrier walls, tunnel and culvert lining, water reservoir linings, bridge deck overlays and various concrete systems, almost any concrete product can be benefit from POLYFIBER M .

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    Polypropylene Monofilament

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