Typical Applications

POLYFLOOR EP HC is used for coating concrete, masonry and metal surfaces as:
Concrete pulp vats used in paper mils.
Sewage treatment plants.
Chemical processing plants.
Oil tanks and pipe lines.
Bridges and dams.
 Floor topping in nuclear power stations.
Chemical plants.
Product Features
Easy to mix and to apply.
Excellent adhesion to concrete, masonry and metal surfaces.
Excellent chemical resistance.
Abrasion resistance.
Thyrotrophic, high -build providing excellent protection.
Glossy, smooth film with less maintenance.
Formulated to be suitable for the Middle East conditions.
 White, green, red and clear.
Specific Gravity 
 Pot Life
 90 minutes @20°C 40 minutes @35°C
 Dry to handle 
12 hours @20°C
 Full Cure 
7 days @20°C 
 5 days @35°C 
Working Temperature 
 + 5° C (minimum) 
Time between two coats 
12 - 24 hours @ 20°C
 6 - 12 hours @ 35°C
Recommended Dry Film Thick. 
200 - 250 microns
Chemical Resistance 
Cured film is resistant to the following chemicals:
Sulphoric Acid 30%          
Sulphoric Acid,70%          
Hydrochloric Acid,10%     
Hydrochloric Acid             
Nitric Acid, 10%                
Lactic Acid ,10%               
Tall Oil Fatty Acids,          
 Water, de-ionized,            
Caustic Soada, 30%           
Paraffin Oil,                       
 Dibutyl Phthalate,             
Tricresyl Phosphate,          
Acetic Acid,50%                
Linoleic Acid                     
Sea Water                           
Ammonia Cone,                 
Formaldehyde, 40%           
Gasoline (prtrol),               
 Pine Oil                             
Hydrogen Peroxide 30%    
   Very Good 
   Cone Good    
 For more details about the chemical resistance, consult EAMIC Technical Support.
Guide for Application
Surface Preparation 
All surfaces should be clean, dry, free from rust, oil & grease and any loosely adhering particles.
Grit blasting is recommended.
The age of the concrete should be 28 days at least, with a moisture content less than 5 %.
Steel surface should be blast cleaned in accordance with DIN 55928 Part 4 and swedish standard Sa2 1|2
The prepared concrte surface should be primed using POLYPRIME EP (See separate data sheet).
Pour component B (Curing Agents) contents into the container of component A (Resin) and mix till uniform colour and consistency is achieved. Apply the mixed materials with suitable brush.
The primer should not be allowed to dry before over coating.
Prepared steel surfaces shall be primed using POLYCOAT EP ZR (See separate data sheet).
Stir well both component A(Resin) and Component B (Curing Agent) before use, add Component B to Component A while mixing.
Mix until homogenous colour and consistency is achieved.
Slow speed electric drill (400-500 rpm) fitted with a mixing paddle is recommended.
Partial mixing is not recommended
Apply POLYFLOOR EP HC onto the prepared substrate using suitable brush, roller, ensuring uniform coverage is achieved. Allow the first coat to dry ( this will tack about 12 hours @20°C ) before applying the second coat.
In case of using glass fibers, the fabric should be laid directly onto the first coat while it is still wet, pressed and smoothed out with a stiff brush or split washer roller.
Second coat will be applied as the first coat (time between recoating is 12 hours @25 °C).
Glass fiber of 110 g 1m2 open weaves glass cloth is recommended.
Clean all tools and equipment immediately after use with POLYSOLVENT EP20
POLYFLOOR EP HC is supplied in 5kg pack size.
Depend upon the substrate conditions, about 3m2 I kg for a ( D.F.T.) of 250 microns.
POLYFLOOR EP HC should be kept in dry place away from extreme temperatures.
Shelf Life One year when stored correctly in unopened containers.
Health and Safety
Epoxy Resins contain irritants, especially to the skin, eyes and the respiratory system.
Persons handling these materials shall use appropriate protective clothing, including rubber or plastic gloves.
If the epoxy resin came in contact with the skin, it should be removed immediately and the areas of contact washed thoroughly with soap and water.
Guarantee / Warranty
We warrant our products to be of good quality and manufactured to rigid standards. This warranty is in lieu of any and all other warranties expressed or implied. 
This data sheet is published for information only. It is believed to be correct but no liability is accepted for it or the suitability of the product for any particular purpose. 
POLYCOO services is free and the company dose not accept liability for any loss arising from it.
Technical Services
For any further technical advice and recommendation for the use of all POLYCOO  products, please consult the nearest POLYCOO technical office.

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    Highly Chemical Resistant, Epoxy Resin Coating for Tanks Be Surface Lining Product Description POLYFLOOR EP HC is a two component, solvent free, high build, thyrotrophic epoxy resin coating, which is formulated for horizon natal and vertical surfaces. The cured film is highly chemical resistive to most chemical agents. It can be used on conjunction with glass fibers to improve impact resistance, tensile strength and to bridge hair cracks.

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