For protection of concrete & metal tanks containing potable water, grains & sugar.
Provides a chemical resistant surface to food processing areas.
Used as a protective and decorative coating in hospitals, kitchens & laboratories.
High build coating.
Non toxic.
High chemical resistant.
Waterproofing membrane.
Can be used in conjunction with glass fibers to improve impact resistance, tensile strength and to bridge hair cracks.
POLYCOAT EPW complies with ASTM C 881, Type III, Grade 2.
Pot Life 
30 minutes at 350C.
Specific Gravity (Mixed) 
1.2 at 350C.
Initial Cure 
12 hours at 350C.
Final Cure 
7 days at 350C.
Finished Film Appearance
High gloss , ultra dense surface, hygienic and easily cleaned.
Volume Solids 
Chemical Resistance
Cured coating has an excellent resistance to chlorinated water, sewage, sea water, sodium hydroxide, petrol and gas oil.
Concrete surfaces should be sound, clean &free from any dust.
Remove all loose particles, oil, curing compounds and grease.
All concrete surfaces receiving coating should be at least 28 days old with moisture content less than 5%.
For steel surfaces, any rust should be removed by blast cleaning to near white metal Swedish standard Sa 2 1/2.
Stir well both tins (resin and hardener) before mixing.
Mix. the entire content of the hardener to the resin of POLYCOAT EPW, using a slow speed electric drill fitted with a mixing paddle. Ensure that both materials are mixed till a uniform colour is achieved.
No partial mixing is allowed.
POLYCOAT EPW could be applied by brush, lambs wool roller or by spray equipment.
Apply the first coat assuring a continuous coating of uniform thickness and allow it to cure overnight, then apply the second coat till reaching the required thickness.
If it is needed to increase the coating thickness or to bridge fine cracks in the substrates, fix a fiber glass cloth whilst the first coat is still wet, then brush apply the second coat.
Tools should be cleaned immediately with POLYSOLVENT.
POLYCOAT EPW is supplied in 5 kg. packs (two components).
3.0 -4.0 m2 / kg
POLYCOAT EPW should be stored under shed.
One year when stored as recommended.
It is not allowed to smoke during application.
Contact with skin should be avoided.
Any splashes should be washed with soap and water.
Seek medical assistance in case of contact with eyes after washing it with running water.
Guarantee / Warranty
We warrant our products to be of good quality and manufactured to rigid standards. This warranty is in lieu of any and all other warranties expressed or implied. 
This data sheet is published for information only. It is believed to be correct but no liability is accepted for it or the suitability of the product for any particular purpose. 
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For any further technical advice and recommendation for the use of all POLYCOO products, please consult the nearest POLYCOO technical office.

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    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION POLYCOAT EPW is a non toxic solvent free epoxy coating, for horizontal and vertical surfaces.

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