Used with most porous substrates (concrete, wood, stone and stamped concrete) to improve the abrasion resistant, protective and decorative coating. designed to protect substrates from attack by carbon dioxide, chlorides, sulphates, gases and water.
Easy to apply, single pack product.
High penetration into substrate.
High weathering resistance.
Carbonation resistance.
Water proofing.
Dust proofing.
High abrasion resistance.
Filling substrate pores and strengthening weak areas .
Block capillary pressure of moisture through the substrate surface .
It can be used for potable water and foods stuff projects.
Technical Data
Color  :                     Pale yellow viscous   
                     solution and it can be colord 
Density at 25 0C :                  0.97 g/cm3
Working temperature :            5 to 45°C
     : Consumption 
8 – 10 m2 / Kg
(depends on the porosity of the surface)
Shelf life  :
12 months (at 5-35 °c in closed package)
Packaging                           1,5,20,200 Kg
Specially selected wetting agents in POLYSEALER SC RBA improve the depth of penetration resulting in a more durable finish better than that of other surface treatments which merely form a superficial skin.
POLYSEALER SC RBA lasts the life of the floor and re-treatment should never be required
The surface hardness is achieved through a chemical reaction within the cementitious material. This gives in-depth protection against heavy traffic and other forms of abrasion.
The chemical elimination of free lime and other soluble particles creates a tightly bound surface resistant to dusting.
Chemical resistance:
The inert crystalline compounds formed by POLYSEALER SC RBA application reduce the absorbency of the surface and improves resistance to solvents, greases and commonly used chemicals.
Consult the POLYCOO technical service department for details on resistance to specific chemicals.
POLYSEALER SC RBA, when applied in accordance with the technical data sheet, will last the life of the floor and therefore re-treatment should not be required.
Application Instructions
Surfaces to be treated with POLYSEALER SC RBA must be structurally sound and free from loose materials. Cracks or holes can be repaired using a recommended POLYCOO repair material which should be allowed to cue prior to proceeding.
Oil and grease contaminated surfaces should be treated with a suitable chemical de-greaser followed by washing with clean water and allowed to dry
Any laitance or existing coating must be removed prior to application as these will prevent the POLYSEALER SC RBA from penetrating.
POLYSEALER SC RBA must only be applied to dry surfaces to maximize penetration.
Concrete should be clean and dry.
Concrete should be free from oil, grease and dust.
Concrete should be fully cured.
The sealer is applied by roller or brush or spray to the concrete.
Safety precautions
Provide adequate ventilation .
Keep away from sparks and flames .
Take precautions to prevent material entering the eyes and avoid skin contact .

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    Sealer for Wood, concrete materials and Stamped concrete Description POLYSEALER SC RBA is high performance one component penetrating protective coating for exposed Wood, concrete and stamped concrete, solvent base with low viscosity and clear transparent.

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