Typical Application                                     

Concrete repair.
Waterproof renders and slurry.
Concrete cementitious floor leveling.
Bonding of slip bricks and tiles.
Bonding plaster to steel surfaces & fair face concrete.
Bonding new to old concrete.
Product Features
Adhesion: improves bond strength to concrete, stonework, plaster & block work.
Waterproof: improves durability & waterproofing properties of concrete & plaster.
Flexibility: reduces cracking by increasing cementitious mortar flexibility.
Strength: highly improves compressive strength of cementitious mortar & Concrete.
Non toxic: can be used in contact with potable water.
POLYLATEX complies with ASTM C 1059 - 86 for Bonding Fresh to Hardened Concrete.
Physical Properties 
Milky white.
Specific Gravity 
Non toxic.
Mechanical Properties 
The addition of POLYLATEX to cementitious mortar, improves its mechanical properties.
For a control mix of 3: 1 Sand: Cement, the following improvements were achieved when adding 10 lit. POLYLATEX  per 50kg. cement.
Compressive Strength N/mm2 
Control mix:                 26.00 
POLYLATEX mix:     38.00
Tensile Strength N/mm2 
Control mix:                  3.00 
POLYLATEX mix:     5.00
Flexural Strength N/mm2 
Control mix:                  6.50 
POLYLATEX mix:    11.00
Adhesion N/mm2 
Control mix:                  3.00 
POLYLATEX mix:    23.00
Shrinkage % 
Control mix:                  7 % 
POLYLATEX mix:     2 %
Chemical Properties
The addition of POLYLATEX to cementitious mortar reduces permeability dramatically and increases mortar resistance to aggressive environments.
Guide For Application
Prepare a good clean structural surface for bonding by removing all loose materials, old mortars & laitance.
Traces of oil, grease & curing compounds should be removed by chipping out the affected area of concrete.
Finally sweep or blow off the surface to remove dust which could cause de bonding.
Areas should be pre- wetted but free standing water should be removed.
Apply a slurry coat of POLYLATEX to the prepared area.
Mix dry ingredients with the required amount of water before adding POLYLATEX, as shown in Table A.
Place POLYLATEX cementitious mortar / concrete while primer is still wet.
Do not hard trowel or over finish;
Easily float the surface to reach a final finish.
We recommend the use of POLYCURE RB I for curing.
Tools should be cleaned immediately with water after use.
POLYLATEX is supplied in 20lit.
Pails and 210 lit. Drums.
POLYLATEX should be stored in shaded areas.
Shelf Live
One year when stored as recommended.
Health and safety
POLYLATEX is non flammable.
Any splashes on skin should be washed with water.
Seek medical assistance in case of contact with eyes, after washing it with plenty of water.
Guarantee / Warranty
We warrant our products to be of good quality and manufactured to rigid standards. This warranty is in lieu of any and all other warranties expressed or implied. 
This data sheet is published for information only. It is believed to be correct but no liability is accepted for it or the suitability of the product for any particular purpose. 
POLYCOO services are free and the company dose not accepts liability for any loss arising from it.
Technical Services
For any further technical advice and recommendation for the use of all POLYCOO products, please consult the nearest POLYCOO technical office.

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    Cementations System Polymer Modifier And Bonding Agent Product Description POLYLATEX is a butadiene styrene copolymer latex admixture that is designed as an integral non-reemulsifable adhesive for cementations mortars & concrete, to improve their waterproofing and chemical resistance.

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