It surrounds each cement particle and forms e. polymer lattice throughout the mix allowing even cure, giving & additional adhesion between the cement matrix and the aggregate.

The POLYCRETE LX based slurries form a protective rubber - like skin which is tightly bonded to the substrate.
Unlike some polyvinyl acetates and acrylics, EAMICRETE LX does riot re-emulsify and once cured, the bond is unaffected by water or water vapor.
EAMICRETE LX can be used with advantage as an economical replacement for epoxy, polyester and other resin mortars.
Typical Application .
Swimming pools and showers.
Sludge tanks and ducts.
Potable water, sewage and mild chemical  holding   tanks.
Tunnels / Underpasses.
Computer and plant rooms.
Bedding tiles, brick slips, glass    
                 blocks, coping precuts treads &  
Bonding and bedding tiles & brick
               paviors to concrete and asphalt
Repairs to spelled or damaged
                        concrete, beams and panels, floor 
                        patching, stair nosing, bedding 
       expansion joints.
High strength screening and leveling
Car park ramps and abrasion resistant surfaces,
Garages, abattoirs, animal houses and laboratories.
Food and pharmaceutical, production areas dairies agricultural floors and fertilizers stores.
 Repair pours concrete, block work or brickwork.
 Long term protection / reinforcement of friable concrete so fits.
 Sealing shrinkage cracks.
Car decks, walkways, balconies and
Product Features .
Excellent bond, flexural and tensile strength.
Extreme resistance to water and water vapor.
Good abrasion and chemical resistance.
 First class bonding to asphalt.
Thin screeds which are water / vapor proof.
Low water / cement ratio.
Resin performance at economic cost.
Reduce drying shrinkage.
Easier site use.
Compatibility with all cement.
No expensive surface preparation,
 White liquid.
Specific Gravity
at 20 'C
 Solids Content 
 PH : 11.0
 Brookfield L VT spindle N02 at 60 rpm 200C - 100 cps.
     By using POLYCRETE LX in the basic mortar mix, all round strength can be increased, the mortar itself 
POLYCRETE LX is a powerful and permanent adhesive. In many difficult applications, it is an effective replacement for expensive two pack resin system.
When POLYCRETE LX is added to cement / aggregate mixes, it increases the resistance to shrinkage during the curing process.
Thermal Coefficient of linear 
     Using POLYCRETE LX as a latex admixture with the cementations mixes and it has no effect on the coefficient of linear expansion.
Durability & Chemical 
POLYCRETE LX modified mixes have better resistance to chemical attack than control samples,.
Methodology & Dosage
      It is essential that areas intended to receive a POLYCRETE LX slurry on mortar be adequately prepared and any additional remedial work undertaken. Surface must be well cleaned and prepared to give a strong mechanical key. Remove all laitance I oil I grease, and any loose of weak parts.
Bonding I waterproofing slurry 
2 Parts fresh cement to 1 part: POLYCRETE LX by volume, Add cement to POLYCRETE LX then mix to a smooth past.
Coverage: approximately 12 m2 per 5 lit rest of POLYCRETE LX par coat.
Mix designs 
 Mix A: 50 kg fresh cement 150 kg Zone 2 sand 10 liters POLYCRETE LX.
9 liters water Yield: approx 0.1 m3.
Mix B: 50 kg fresh cement.
225 kg Zone 2 Sand.
10 liters EAMICRETE LX.
9 liters water.
Yield: approx 0.15 m3.
Mix C: 50 kg fresh cement.
76 kg 3-6 mm granite chippings
76 kg Zone 2 Sand.
10 liters EAMICRETE LX.
9 liters water
Yield: approx 6.11 m3.
Mix 0: 50 kg fresh cement.
150 kg Zone 2 sand
4.5 lit rest POLYCRETE LX.
13.5 liters water
Yield: approx 0.12 m3.
Zone 2 sand: is graded sand from 0 - 3 mm.
     Immediately before application of 'he first slurry coat only, thoroughly dampen all surfaces.
     Slurry coats are applied by brush in alternate horizontal and vertical directions.
     Allow preceding coats to dry overnight, while the final slurry coat is still wet, wet time depends on temperature (usually about ten minutes), apply the render with the required thickness.
     Working joints must not occur at vertical angles nor coincide in successive coats.
When working in damp unventilated conditions, the first (or second) slurry coat must be dry before over coating.
Do not damp surface between slurry coats, nor apply second or third coats to a surface which is wet due to condensation. Wipe dry and introduce ventilation.
 EAMICRETE LX is supplied in 5 liters & 20 liters containers and 210 liters drums.
 Shaded or inside storage is recommended.
Shelf Life
One year when stored as recommended.

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    Product Description POLYCRETE LX is a styrelie / Butadiene copolymer latex, specifically formulated to be used at a combined waterproofer, adhesive and plasticizer for cementations mixes. It is suitable for use with all types of cement and aggregate and is simply added as a total or partial replacement for the gauging water. It surrounds each cement particle and forms e.

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