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POLY P.V.C Water Stop is used to seal construction and expansion joints in water and sewage retaining structures and to keep water out of concrete structures.
High quality PVC.
Easy to install.
Easy to weld. Suitable for high water pressure.
Multi rib sections.
Different sizes and types.
Technical Data:
Grade                             Soft                             Rigid 
Type                      Polyvinyl chloride          Polyvinyl chloride
Color                                   Blue                            Blue
Shore Hardness                  67 + 5                          80 + 5
Tensile Strength              +14.00 N/mm2            +10.00 N/mm2
Elongation at Break          + 400 %                      + 250%
Chemical Resistance     Temporary to mineral acids and oil
                                   Permanent to water, sea water and selvage
Alkali resistance                  Pass                              Pass 
Temperature for weld in    Approx.180°C        Approx.180°C
Selection Of MC-WATER STOP:
The selection of POLY P.V.C Water Stop depends on the type of joint, concrete thickness and expected movement. The width of the Water Stop should be equal or little less than the thickness of concrete slab and also related to the size of largest aggregate used.
POLY P.V.C Water Stop is made from thermoplastic PVC and can therefore be easily welded. 
The ends are secured in welding jig and heated with suitable welding equipment until an even molten bead of PVC appears, the welding equipment is then removed and the ends pressed together firmly.
Construction Joint
Expansion & Contraction Joint
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    Thermoplastic P.V.C Water Stop Available in 2 Grades Product Description POLY P.V.C Water Stop is a flexible PVC water stop for construction and expansion joints in concrete structures; available in two grades ( soft and rigid) with different sizes depending on their use. POLY P.V.C Water Stop complies with US Corps of Engineers specification CRD - C 572-74, BS2571 and BS 2782 and ASTM D-624, D-2628.

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