Perfect protective coating for below ground foundations.
General waterproofing and damp proofing of regular surface concrete, asbestos & cementitious wall plaster.
Effective adhesive and bonding agent for insulation boards, cork panels & expanded polystyrene, etc.
As a damp proof membrane in sandwich construction.
Protection of metal surface & timber.
Internal water proofing lining for water storage concrete reservoirs & pipes.
As a curing compound for freshly laid concrete.
Easy cold application.
Resists chlorides and sulphate ions attack.
Vapour barrier and corrosion resistant.
Single component, non toxic water base.
Non flammable, easy to handle.
POLYPROOF WB is tested to the appropriate sections of the following standards ASTM D-2939, D-88, D-244, D-2042, D-5, D-113.
POLYPROOF WB complies with the requirements of ASTM C-309
Black .
Specific gravity 
1.04 :t 0.01 Tested in accordance
ASTM 0-2939
Viscosity @ 20°C 
1000 - 3000 CPS Tested in accordance
ASTM 0-88 
Storage Stability
24 hrs. Max. 1% Tested in accordance to ASTM 0-244
A - Penetration @ 25OC/l00g Sc 40-90
Tested in accordance to ASTM D-5
b - Ductility @ 25°C 5 Cm/mm.
Min. 40
Tested in accordance to ASTM D-113
Application temperature 
5° C - 45° C
Resistance to water 
POLYPROOF WB provides an effective barrier to the transmission of liquid water and water vapour.
It is applied as recommended.
When subject to normal conditions of use,POLYPROOF WB will provide an effective barrier to the transmission of liquid water and water vapour for the life of the structure.
Surface Preparation 
All exposed metal surfaces should be cleaned of paint, oil, rust and other contaminates to reach a bright metal surface to Sa 2 "/2.
Concrete surface should be clean dry and free from dirt,dust, oil & grease. Loosely adhering particles such as cement latency should be removed.
Shrinkage Cracks, cold pour joints and non - moving structural crack in concrete should be pretreated and sealed with POLYPROOF WB putty (POLYPROOF WB mixed with cement with the ratio 1:1 by volume)
For highly porous surface, it is recommended to apply a primer coating consistency of a 1: 1 mixture by volume of POLYPROOF WB and water.
Application to horizontal & vertical surface 
Apply POLYPROOF WB by brush or roller to the surface to achieve a thickness of not less than 200
microns per coat. Take necessary precaution to ensure the membrane is not damaged or punctured.
Where the surface is to receive a floor screed or plaster finish, spray clean dry sand before the second coating is dry to form a keyed surface to the POLYPROOF WB coating.
Allow a minimum of 8 hr. drying period before plastering, rendering or laying floor screed.
Application as an adhesive 
POLYPROOF WB is suitable for bonding polystyrene ,fiber board, cork slabs and light weight tiles.
The two surface to be bonded must be clean,levelled and free from all points of contact.
POLYPROOF WB should be applied to the first surface with a notched trowel.
The second surface should receive one coat of POLYPROOF WB.
Leave both surfaces to become tacky, then press the second surface into the notched first surface.
Mechanical fixing should be used where a structural bond is needed.
If coating is punctured, over coat POLYPROOF WB to restore the continuity of the membrane.
POLYPROOF WB is packed in 20 Lt. & 210 Lt. drums.
One litre of POLYPROOF WB will cover 4m2 at a dry film thickness of 100 microns.
POLYROOF WB should be stored in shaded ,cool (under 35°C) dry conditions in unopened factory sealed containers.
Shelf Life 
Minimum 6 months if stored as recommended.
Health & Safety
Avoid skin and eye contact.
In case of eye contact, flush eyes with running water & seek medical advice.
Harmful if swallowed, do not induce vomiting seek medical advice immediately.
Keep away from heat.
In case of skin contact, wash immediately with soap and water, do not use solvent.
Guarantee / Warranty
We warrant our products to be of good quality and manufactured to rigid standards. This warranty is in lieu of any and all other warranties expressed or implied. 
This data sheet is published for information only. It is believed to be correct but no liability is accepted for it or the suitability of the product for any particular purpose. 
POLYCOO services is free and the company dose not accept liability for any loss arising from it.
For any further technical advice and recommendation for the use of all POLYCOO  products, please consult the nearest POLYCOO technical office.

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    High Build, Rubberized Waterproof Bitumen Emulsion Waterproof Coating PRODUCT DESCRIPTION POLYPROOF WB is a high solid protective coating ,flexible water based bituminous emulsion blended with special high performance water resistance ingredients.

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