Polysealant GG is an excellent sealant for use in moving joints in vertical applications.
Typical applications for
Polysealant GG include:
. Expansion and contol joints . Panel and wall system.
. Perimeter caulking (windows, doors, panel, regrets, flashing, etc.
Polysealant GG is capable of + 100% / - 50% movement when correctly installed into a properly prepared joint.
Do not apply over damp or contaminated surfaces.
Use with adequate ventilation.
Aluminum, Antique White ,Black, Bronze, Buff, Dark Bronze, Gray, Ivory, Limestone. Redwood Tan and White.
Conforms to U.S. Federal Specification TT-S-00230C Type II, Class A and ASTM C920-94, Type S Grade NS, Class 25.
Joint Design & Dimensions 
May be used in any vertical or horizontal joint designed in accordance with accepted architectural/engineering practice. Joint width should be 4 times anticipated movement, but not less than 1; 4 inch
 (6.4 mm.) wide.
For joints 1; 4 inch (6.4 mm.) to 1/2 inch (12.7 mm.) wide, the width to depth ratio should be equal. Joints 1f2 inch (12.7mm.) wide or greater should have a sealant depth of 1/2 inch (12.7 mm.). Minimum joint size is 1, 4 inch by 1;4 inch (6.4 mm. by 6.4 mm).
Surface Preparation 
For good adhesion, the joint interface must be sound, clean, and dry. Depending on the substrates, or presence of form release agents, masonry waterproofing, dust, loose mortar or laitance, architectural paints or finishes, the joint surfaces may require a thorough wire bushing, grinding, sandblasting, solvent washing and/or primer.
Closed cell polyethylene, reticulated foam and some open cell polyethylene rods may be used as joint backing to control depth of sealant bead. Where depth of joint will prevent use of joint backing, an adhesive backed polyethylene tape must be installed to prevent three sided adhesion. Joint backing must be dry at time of sealant application
Polysealant GG is easy to apply with conventional caulking equipment.
Fill joint completely and tool.
At 75°F (24°C),  50% R.H.
a durable skin forms within 24 hours. Curing continues at
the rate of 1/16 inch (1.6 mm) depth per day. The cure rate may be slightly reduced at lower temperatures and less humidity.
Tooling & Cleaning 
Tooling is recommended immediately after application to insure firm, intimate contact with the joint interface .Dry tooling is preferred. Excess sealant and smears adjacent 
to the joint can be removed with Xylol or Toledo before sealant cures (use masking tape when appropriate).
600 ml Cartridges .
Polysealant GG should be stored at room temperature in dry warehouse.
One year.
Guarantee / Warranty
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    One Part High Performance Polyurethane Elastomerice Sealant PRODUCT COMPOSITION Polysealant GG is a one part, moisture curing, fast skinning polyurethane sealant. Polysealant GG is durable, flexible and offers excellent performance in moving joints. Polysealant GG does not require a primer on most construction materials. Once cured, Polysealant GG exhibits tenacious adhesion and an aesthetically appealing stain sheen finish

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