PolySealant Primere



Used with most porous substrates (concrete, wood and stone) to improve the adhesion of a sealant substrate.
High penetration into substrate
Excellent adhesion of sealant to substrate .
Filling substrate pores and strengthening weak areas .
Block capillary pressure of moisture through the substrate surface .
Used with Poly Sealant products .
Technical Data
Color  :                                   Clear   
Density at 25 0C :                   0.97 g/cm3
Working temperature:            5 to 45°C
     : Consumption 
2 - 4 % of the sealant material; 8 – 10 m2 / Kg
(Depends on the porosity of the surface)
Shelf life:
12 months (at 5-35 °c in closed package)
Packaging                           1,5,20 Kg
Joint should be clean and dry
The primer is applied by brush or spray to the joint side.
The sealant material is applied after the primer by min. 1 hr. and max. 24 hrs.
Safety precautions
Provide adequate ventilation .
Keep away from sparks and flames .
Take precautions to prevent material entering the eyes and avoid skin contact .

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    Primer for Joint Sealant materials Description POLYSEALANT PRIMER is one component polymeric material with low viscosity as a primer for the sealant materials

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    PolySealant Primere