PolyBacking ROD


 Typical Applications

 It is used in expansion or contraction joints:
 Control the depth of applied sealant.
Act as a barrier interface to prevent three sided adhesion (bond breaker). Provide a form to assist the sealant in developing the hour glass shape.
It is used in glazing and expansion joints applications for windows, curtain walls, expansion wall joints, partitions, doors, settling cracks, pavements, precast units and copings. (See Fig. 1)
Product Feature
HBR Backer Rod is chemically inert and resistant to oils & gasoline.
It does not stain or adhere to sealant materials.
Acts as a bond -breaker strip.
HBR has a resilient closed - cell structure.
HBR should not be used with hot melt adhesives and sealants where their temperature is over 700 C (160 oF).
 CEGS - 07951-9 Back -Stop Material
 TT-S 00227E  (COM - NBS ) 6.8.8
2.0        Lbs / ft3                         (ASTM 0-1622)
Tensile Strength 
25 psi                                         (ASTM 0-1623)
Water Absorption
 0.5% by Volume                       (ASTM 0-509)
Compression Deflection
 25% at 8 psi (ASTM 0-1621)
(See Table III for HBR backer rod size per joint width.)
Preparatory Work 
Joint should be clean, moisture free, and clear of any obstructions
Either cut the desired length of HBR Backer Rod or dispense directly from reel. Position HBR in the joint at the depth specified by the sealant manufacturer or architect. 
Using a blunt tool or roller, press the rod uniformly into the joint at the specified depth. Apply the sealant over the HBR rod accordin§, to manufacturers directions.
 Do not puncture, over compress or stretch HBR Backer Rod during insertion.
All sizes are wound on reels, and packaged in boxes, except 11/2 inch and 2 inch diameters which are packaged in 7ft. straight length in cartons. See Table I for quantities.
                   TABLE I 
HBR Backer Rod                Meters
 Diameter,  (mm.)              per Pack
             10  mm.                       200
             15  mm.                       100
             20  mm.                       100
             25  mm.                       100
             30  mm.                       100
             50  mm.                      
Guarantee / Warranty
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This data sheet is published for information only. It is believed to be correct but no liability is accepted for it or the suitability of the product for any particular purpose. 
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Technical Services
For any further technical advice and recommendation for the use of all POLYCOO products, please consult the nearest POLYCOO technical office.

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    Polyethylene Foam For Backing Cold Applied Sealant Product Description HBR backer rod is a backing for electrometric and other cold-applied sealants. HBR is round, flexible, continuous lengths of extruded, closed -cell polyethylene foam. Gray in colour, HBR is available in a variety of diameters. (See Table 1)

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