•  POLY BREEMO PUTTY is a ready to use acrylic co-polymer putty.

•   For Interior use.

•   Excellent workability and ease of use.

•   Environment Friendly Lead-free Formulation.

•   Used for smoothing and leveling walls & ceilings prior to the use of emulsion or alkyd paints.

•  Good whiteness, good adherence, minimal shrinkage and can be easily sanded.

•   Environment friendly, contains no added lead, cadmium, chromium VI, mercury or arsenic.




Matt / Flat



Viscosity at 25°C

340,000 - 380,000 cP

% Solid Content by volume

54 + 2

Diluent/ Thinner

Should not be diluted

Drying Time at 25°C and

relative humidity 50%

Touch Dry : 20-30 min.

Recoat      : 3-4 hours

Full Dry     : 5-6 hours


1)       Surface preparation:

Surface must be clean, free from oil, grease, dirt, chalk...etc.

• Old painted surfaces should be cleaned first from all loose paint and other materials that can affect adhesion.

• Absorbent substrates should be moistened with water and sealed. 


2)       Application:

• Use POLY SEAL PRIMER for priming purposes.

• POLY BREEMO PUTTY is applied with no further additions.

• Surface must be completely dry between successive coats (minimum 2 hours drying time, according to humidity and temperate

In case more than 3 mm layer thickness is required, it is advisable to apply in more than one layer with 24 hours interval I less according to temperature) between each layer.

Substrate should be sanded and then apply the appropriate paint.

• The use of a primer/sealer coat from POLY BREEMO PUTTY after puttying before painting is recommend in order to increase spreading rate of finish paint.



Knife - Plastic Trowel – Hawk



0.5 - 1 kg/m2 according to surface conditions.



Available in small containers, gallons, buckets and bags.

 Refer to company price list for more information.



18 months, in original tightly closed containers away from direct sunlight and excessive heat.


Our recommendations are based on extensive research as well as practical experience. Results can not be guaranteed where the actual application work is beyond our control. Customers must carry out their own investigations and test the suitability of our materials before use for their intended purposes. Please note that this data sheet supersedes any previous prints. For any additional information, please consult our customer service department.

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